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Welcome To The EmpathySpace Therapy Experience

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Strong mental health is not just the absence of mental illnesses. Being mentally and emotionally healthy is much more than being free of depression, anxiety, or other psychological distress. Rather than the absence of mental illness, mental health refers to the presence of positive characteristics.

Although there are times in life when EVERYTHING seems to take a roller coaster turn and you just want to BREATHE and it seems very impossible.

This is why we are offering to help you take the wheels; by taking you on several therapy journeys which are built upon each other to take you from the lowly point of emotional struggles and mental ill-health to a healthy place of emotional stability and mental fitness. These journeys have been carefully and specially designed by the EmpathySpace team, such that whatever journey you choose to go on, your emotional health needs are guaranteed to be satisfied.

The EmpathySpace Journey:

  • The Journey that helps you “Breathe”.

  • The Journey that “Soothes” you.

  • The Journey that “Stabilizes” you.

  • The journey that helps you build “Resilience”.

  • The journey that “Sustains” you.

The Journey that helps you “Breathe”.

As we go about our day-to-day lives, we encounter a lot of things that have a great effect on our mental health. There are days we don’t have the zeal to go about our regular business, days our brains say No and we just want to let go of things and just BREATH.

This ES One-off session is built to help you catch your breath and make sense of your ongoing/long-standing mental health concerns. You begin with a detailed e-assessment of your present mental state, then go into a virtual or physical session to discuss your mental health needs with an expert.

This one-off session will provide you with a diagnosis, where there is one, and allows you to choose a care plan, sensitive to your identified emotional needs and accommodating of your schedule. One of the gains of this session is knowing how to “breathe”. This journey is guaranteed to make you ask for more sessions.

The Journey that “Soothes” you.

How do you feel when you plug in your earpiece and listen to really cool music? How do you feel when you take a long quiet walk? It feels good and calming, yes? But there are times in life when these feel-good activities don’t give us the relief we need and it feels like you don’t have as much control over your emotions as you usually would.

The ES “Soothe” plan is a 3 session journey that builds up from the one that helps you ‘breathe’. This therapy plan is built to help you:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your symptoms and your diagnosis.

  • Identify and manage triggers and triggering situations.

  • Introduce you to the art of mental health checks, self-soothing, and using relaxation techniques.

  • This journey is guaranteed to “soothe you” and help you cope with current emotional struggles and triggers.

The Journey that “Stabilizes” you.

This journey comprises 6 therapy sessions. One of the best things anyone can ever boast of is STABILITY in every sense of the word, but it is a different kind of flex when one boasts of mental stability. Being here, you must have picked a few things on the two previous journeys which we believe must have influenced your decision to be here.

In order to achieve the set goals for this journey, we will help you understand the importance of self-care while being equipped with tools like journaling, boundary setting, self-acceptance, prayer, and meditation to improve your emotional health.

Also, the journey will guide you on how to healthily navigate ongoing stressors and triggers, thus this journey will “stabilize you”.

The journey that helps you build “Resilience”.

Resilience is the ability to get back on your feet after life has thrown its woes at you. As easy as it sounds, it takes a lot to get back up especially when the conditions aren’t so conducive. This journey consists of 9 therapy sessions and consolidates the benefits, tasks, and experience of the three earlier stages/journeys in the EmpathySpace experience. It will help you develop the mindfulness and the awareness to pull through the struggles and stress encountered as you journey through life. It fortifies you with the needed skills, tools and strategies, to help you bounce back from the stresses of life again and again.

This journey exposes you to tasks, honest conversations, and intentional actions, directed at helping you build “resilience”.

The journey that “Sustains” you.

Cleansing the mind and soul is a great way to help you be on top of your game and keep up a positive spirit and outlook. As we go about our lives, we meet with a lot of people and things that consciously or unconsciously leave a mark on us, be it positive or negative. The ES Sustain Journey comprises12 therapy sessions, that can easily be spread out over a one-year period.