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Social Isolation: Fiction vs Fact

It is no longer new news that humans need a healthy level of socialization to be able to properly function in the environment. Hence the popular saying. ‘No man is an island alone’.

First of all,. It is important to note that there is a huge difference between loneliness and social isolation.

The main difference between the two is that social isolation is voluntary and long lasting. However, the solitude that comes with it is definitely unwanted.

Does your mind take to you to one friend who always cuts off contact for weeks and does it consistently? Do check in such friend during that period because social isolation may stem from an underlying mental health condition like depression or social anxiety.

With that being said, here some of the facts that would help you to better understand this condition.



  • Social Isolation is usually wanted and planned out.


  • The solitude that comes with social isolation is unwanted.


  • Social isolation just means the person is an introvert.


  • Even introverts have friends. Socially isolated people usually have an underlying condition like social anxiety which makes it much more difficult to make friends and to be around people.


  • There is no way that kids can be socially isolated. If it is, it is probably just a phase.


  • Social isolation can be seen in any age group and may not always be a phase. Usually taking the right channel to get help is always the best course of action.


  • Social isolation is basically just staying away from people


  • Social isolation can come from the perspective of being unable or unwilling to communicate one’s feelings with others.

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