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Protecting your mental health against toxic election conversations

It's that time again, after 4 years everywhere you go everyone is talking about elections, rallies here and there, manifestos we've heard numerous times, and the air thick with anxiety.

People on Twitter banting as usual, arguments about how their preferred candidate is better, and some hilarious memes.

 Aside from the memes 😂, you are literally tired of the whole election saga, hearing about the election makes you feel tensed and anxious.

You can’t even enjoy a peaceful meal without a heated argument on the election. 

We understand that thawed scenarios can't be helped. You may sometimes find yourself in uncomfortable situations regarding the upcoming elections.

Here are some few ways you can protect your mental health and keep a sound mind  during this election season:

  • Be careful with social media: Your fyp page on instagram, Twitter and even TikTok may be full of election views and election propaganda and even conspiracy theories. If it gets too overwhelming, it may be best to stay off social media for a while at least until the heat dies down.

  • Clean energy or nothing: You and you alone have the power to choose who to vote for in the upcoming elections. Do not let anyone force their ideologies or views or you. Whenever it gets uncomfortable, excuse yourself from discussions or banters that demean your choices or thoughts. No to that bad energy.

  • Channel your anxiety into doing something productive: Like um…. Actually going to pick up your PVC? 👀 

  • Set Boundaries: You have the right to let people know that you are not comfortable with sharing your political standpoint or who you wish to vote for. Set clear boundaries for yourself and for how people converse with you about the upcoming elections.

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