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Obsession is not a form of love

OBSESSION IS NOT LOVE AND THERE IS NOTHING LOVELY ABOUT IT. Having a partner that only thinks about you and want to be with you at all times, may sound romantic and something that you might want but where is the red line??

When is it time to say enough and strongly mark out your boundaries?? 

Well, here are some of the signs that you may actually have an obsessive partner that wants nothing more than to control you and every aspect of your life. From your friends, family, you job and even how you dress.

If you notice any of these signs, then it may be best to take the exit. Do not wait to be manipulated or till you lose your sense of self.

  • Extreme jealousy: it does feel nice at times to know that your partner feels jealous in some instances but it is not okay for your partner to deliberately sabotage your relationship with friends and acquaintances or restrict you from talking with certain people. It is not okay.

  • Threatening: If at any time you feel like you cannot continue with a relationship, you have the right to walk away. It is not okay to receive threats against leaving a relationship from a partner 

  • Extreme monitoring: As much as you are in a relationship, you are still entitled to you own space and life away from that real. It is not okay for your partner to want to monitor every aspect of your life. It is not okay.

  • Anxiety: let’s say you eat preoccupied and could not answer the calls of your partner. If you finally call back and the tone is not that of worry but of anxiety and fear of not being able to reach you at that time, the warning bells should go off in your mind.

  • Desire to control: You are your own person. Always remember that. Always.

No, he ir she does not love you. They are obsessed.

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