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No! Mental Health Care is Not Just a Rich People Thing!!

Hey there, we are very glad that you stumbled upon this short yet educational read. As you can tell from the title of this blog post, the main topic of discussion is mental health care and no, it is just not a rich people’s thing neither is it age or gender specific.

Proper mental health care is for everyone. Contrary to the normal beliefs in Nigeria, properly caring for your mental health has nothing to do with being dragged away to Yaba left.

Mental health care is just part of proper self care. Those days that you decide to take things easy and have a nice time, do you know that you are also caring for your mental health?

Here are the three most effective ways that you can care for your mental health in the safety of your home or safe space:

Eating healthy and staying properly hydrated: Oya ask yourself. When was the last time you had a full serving of fruits or vegetables? Do you take that one carbonated drink that slaps everyday? It may be time to cut back some of those things. It could be that you also do not have your meals on a regular basis. As easy as eating properly may sound, you are taking care of your mental health by doing something as little of eating well.

Regular exercise: No, you are not allergic to exercise: Go and renew your gym subscription and this time, try to be consistent and intentional with it. If the gym does not work for you, take a stroll, a light jog, swim or exercise in one corner of your home, don’t worry your body will not break. However, remember you are not exercising to get thinner or anything of the sort. It is solely to take care of yourself and improve your mental state.

Have a hobby: Whether it is taking care of plants, sewing or cooking. Have one hobby that you absolutely love and do not see as some boring chore. Have a scheduled time for relaxing when you take a break off social media and just do your thing.

I hope this reading has been helpful to you. If however, you feel too heavily burdened with your thoughts or emotions, then talking to a professional may be the next course of action. Here at ES therapy Hub, we have everything plus more to help you start your mental health care journey towards healing. Give us a call today. You are not alone.

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