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Nigeria’s Herd hopelessness; helplessness, and recklessness.

There are two types of people; those who watch videos on SM without scrolling through comments and those who watch videos, move quickly to scroll through comments; these ones are there for the comments actually.

Those who focus on the video tend to form their thoughts without external influences like the online crowd. While those who watch with the comments in mind tend to agree and form thoughts like the impression of the comments pool.

Many studies have shown that as social creatures it is normal to be drawn towards conformity. But, the psychology between-group thoughts and actions can often be a reflection of societal standards about so many factors apart from societal commentary.

You might wonder, what is the appeal of a society with behaviours riddled by immorality?

Nigeria, home to a massive number of people is continuously strafed by economical, illiteracy and political insufficiency. With insecurity, subjugation, bad governance, injustice as the order of the day, it's no surprise that there's little to reflect hope for growth in the society.

Thus the role of pleasure seeking and meeting immediate needs overrides morals, conscience and values. Many living under a dollar do not have the luxury of deciding between right and wrong because of the need to survive. When the law continuously fails to work for them, they resort to lawlessness. We live in a no man's land where the celebrated order of the day is the rewards of lawlessness and reckless behaviours; throwing caution to the wind characterised by Yahoo, yahoo, political thuggery, cultism, tribal clashes, rise in drug cartel, human trafficking and ritual killings. Not thinking about the gravity of their decision, many resort to these lawlessness with the intention that their survivorship and gratification supersedes the consequences.

In the larger society where collective recklessness is the order of the day; you will find a preponderance of drug abuse, aggression & violence nudity, aristos, paying mugus & magas, loss of decorum, and other socially inappropriate behaviours under the guise of YOLO.

Readers probably wonder why such negative connotations are associated with survivorship. Well for most people, prolonged exposure to hopelessness & helplessness begets a feeling of more hopelessness, helplessness, frustration, anger, hate, and lashing out. These reckless and wrong actions stem from getting pleasure anyway, a release of the build-up of frustration energy. People will do anything to feel like they are still in control and to avoid feeling whatever they are feeling at the moment.

Here we will point out how to go from autopilot mode to lone-wolf mode in a precise manner.

1. Have set principles;

Lawlessness is often a consequence of a lack of a morality code. Why do most people see having principles as limiting yourself to being a goody-two-shoes? In actuality, it helps to set boundaries with actions that go against what you define as your personality.

When you do not have a stated personal mode of conduct, then you'll be free to follow others in the siege of confusion and hopelessness

2. Embrace Standing Out:

The one thing the greatest minds in the world have is a lack of conformity. They decide to stand out against all odds to express their unpopular viewpoint. While this isn't openly embraced in our society, one should be okay to not follow a certain way of thinking and reflecting. When you stand out for what you believe in you can not be delayed by group impressions of societal standards.

3. Reward proper attitude:

People often don't try to do differently because they are afraid of what others will do i.e. punish them. The human brain works with a reward system and unfortunately, society tends to favour violence and herd mentality. Challenging and rewarding those who open their minds, encourages others to think outside the box society puts them in.

4. Address the root of the problem:

Nigeria's issue can be traced to a lack of self-awareness fueled by innate corruption that brings about anger and hate. To stop this and encourage empowering means making decisions to take out the corruption that limits society forward.

Addressing the root of our problems as a society can help society evolve to make positive systems.

An exercise we recommend to make you more reliant on your thoughts is to take initiative to form opinions before seeking the thoughts of others. That is, the next time to watch a YouTube, IG or Twitter trending video, try watching it without scrolling through the comments first.

You might get an outlook different from what the comments emphasise.

With this in mind, society becomes a reflection of individual and diverse thoughts of set