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Mentally Healthy Help Seeking Behaviors

Seeking mental healthcare these days has been made into a much greater hassle than is needed honestly. You would assume that if you have an illness, you’d simply go to the appropriate professional to get the help you need. But unfortunately, that is not the case in this day and age. In fact, people tend to seek help from everywhere else but the appropriate professionals.

Under the guises of various titles, many unqualified individuals have taken advantage of people seeking mental health care. And for reasons like funding, lack of information, and stigma, those seeking mental health care have unfortunately fallen prey to the hands of quacks. But none of that from now on.

Here are 4 healthy behaviors you can have when seeking mental health care.

Make your research;

To make an informed decision about your health, you have to make extensive research. This doesn’t just involve spending time on google but you can also ask your doctor questions. If you’re trying to find a mental health care professional, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from asking your doctor to recommend one. And be sure not to simply settle. You would most likely be talking to this person a lot, telling them details about yourself and your life that nobody probably knows so be sure you’re sure that the therapist you pick is right for you.

Be realistic and open-minded;

While religion and faith can be such beautiful things, you shouldn’t let them cloud your judgment. You should be able to safely draw a line of reality when it comes to your health. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you shouldn’t believe that you can be healed. Just don’t be a sitting duck and wait for life to happen to you. Believe but then take the initiative to seek professional help as well.

Don’t let the stigma stop you.

A mental illness doesn’t make you worth any less. The truth is that the illness doesn’t define you, so don’t let it. Granted, society may not have gotten to the point where they are totally accepting and open-minded towards mental illnesses but that shouldn’t stop you. If you let people’s opinions affect your decisions, you will never get the help you need. Remember that people will talk regardless so do what you need to, what’s best for you, and seek help.

Be honest with yourself and your therapist;

The last two people you should probably ever lie to are yourself and your therapist. If you lie to yourself that things are fine, you’d never get the help you need and if you lie to your therapist, they would not know how to help you. So be honest and straight about your illness.

Living with a mental illness might be a somewhat difficult adjustment but remember that you’ve got this and today isn’t the day you stop fighting!

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