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Hassanah's sexual curiosity story

She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled with satisfaction, she looked beautiful!

Hassanah, the golden girl as her grandmother called her, was growing really fast and she knew it, at 14, while her mates battled with puberty induced acne her brown skin face seemed to defy the odds and remained porcelain clear. Her glow was easily noticeable and she now towered over most of her friends. She had long straight, spotless legs, slightly wide hips, ample breasts and a tiny waist, she fit the descriptions of ‘hourglass figure’. At 14 with a body like that, she was beginning to get so much attention from males, at the start of the new school year, she had noticed the changes in her body when she tried on her uniform and her body filled out the spaces she used to have in the fabric while the length, jumped to now rest well above her knees. Then one morning, a few days after resumption, she received a letter passed down from the corner of the class as she settled down for her first period, it simply read "You look hot and beautiful as always this morning".

She looked around the class trying to figure out who sent her the note, that was when she noticed the eyes of some of the boys in her direction as they hovered over Mojeed's seat. Mojeed looked at her with a small knowing smile and waved to acknowledge that he sent the note, Hassanah almost squealed with delight but she held herself back and simply brought out her phone and sent a message to her group "brown skin girls" and in an instant, they all huddled over Hassanah's seat, all five of them as they giggled and teased her about catching the attention of the most sought after boy in the whole class. They whispered teases to Hassanah who not only blushed red but tried to control her excitement at the message she had just read in the letter. “Mojeed not only referred to her as beautiful and hot but always so!”she thought in silent amazement till Mr Oseni the Arts and Craft teacher’s voice woke her up from her reverie as her friends scurried back to their seats.

Later on, as she walked towards her house from the bus stop, she could feel the admiring glances that were thrown her way by a group of boys playing street soccer. She however, wasn’t interested in these ones. She braced herself instead, for what was now becoming an everyday occurrence, Tosan’s sweet little ambushes. He was the son of the Neighbourhood grocery store owner. She had known him-Tosan, all her life because the household needs of Hasdassah’s family were bought at the store owned and run by Tosan’s very hard working mum. Tosan was much older and in the University, he had told her he was 22 years when she summoned up courage to ask his age yesterday when he lay in wait for her at the beginning of her street. Before these recent happenings, he never paid any attention to her although she had to admit she had always had a crush on him. And now, “ I have two crushes Tosan and Mojeed,” she chuckled as she admitted this to herself. Just then, she saw Tosan waiting at the usual spot under the burning sun, he was really handsome and honestly she wondered why he was spending so much time trying to get her attention because he already had it. He asked her how school was, then as usual walked her to two houses before her parents' house after which she continued alone. She promised him to make her mom send her on an errand later in the evening so they could see each other again later that day.

The evening came and she managed to convince her mum to send her to buy eggs, so the family could have boiled yam and fried eggs for dinner. It was finally time to go and see Tosan, he too would be waiting in the shop and hoping she would run an errand for her mum. She became indecisive as to what to wear, she never had this issue until all the attention became a thing. She always wanted to look good so Tosan could shower her with more compliments and brag about her to his friends, she liked it a lot when he did that, bragged about her, talked to her, smiled at her, but when he hugged her, she felt butterflies in the lower part of her belly, she couldn't explain all she felt, she didn't understand it, but she definitely liked it and found it all so exciting that she didn't want it to stop just yet.

She carefully picked a beautiful dress that evening, but all her clothes fit differently now in that they hugged all the curves in her body, and as always she gots a lot of stares and cat calls, but she also shuddered because she felt like it was too much attention. When she finally met Tosan that evening he mentioned to her that she was a girl in a woman's body, he told her that she was well endowed with a beautifully crafted body and that he would like to do the honours of making her feel like a woman.

Before she had the chance to ask him what he meant, Mama Tosan walked in so grabbed the eggs and ran all the way home so as not to raise any suspicions for staying long at the store. All through the night, she couldn't stop thinking about his flattering but really confusing words. What did he mean by saying “she was a girl in a woman’s body and making her feel like a woman?” So she turned to her favorite advisers, her friends. They texted away about the situation and with their adolescent minds, all they could come up with were references to books and movies they had seen and they planned to continue the conversation in school the next day.

Unfortunately, they were caught using their phones during school hours which was against the school rules and called into the principal's office where they had to spill the beans. The principal listened attentively to the students as they shared their story and everything led back to Hassanah. She called her aside and asked her to see the school counsellor because she realized that Hassanah was curious, about a lot of things which was very normal for a girl her age. She had questions that needed answers and if the adults around her didn't handle this sensitive situation properly, Hassanah could seek out the wrong people to get answers and could be unfairly taken advantage of .

The school counsellor after listening realized that she hadn't been given the 'sex talk' and this was why Hadassah did not know how to handle the ongoing changes in her body and that it was the the reason why all of a sudden, she was getting so much attention from the opposite sex. She told the Counsellor that she sometimes felt guilty that she enjoyed the way the attention made her feel and the warm sensation she felt in her belly whenever she was hugging Tosan. She said she had never told her mom because she knew that her mother would give her the beating of her life, if she knew she was getting letters from Mojeed or using errands as an excuse to spend time with Tosan. The counsellor reassured her, then asked to see her parents because she wanted them to be in the know and also help reinforce the sex education that she had started with Hassanah and her friends. At the meeting with Hadassah’s parents the counselor emphasized the need to handle the whole situation in the right manner by listening to her, answering any other questions she had and not by beating her or calling her names like wayward or loose. The counsellor said in her own days, parents never had conversations like these with their children because it was seen as a taboo! Instead they had to figure out this complex stage on their own which caused many of her friends their virginity before they even understood what it meant to be a virgin and led to a number of bad decisions on their parts. But She knew they could help their daughter make better decisions if this was done right and the counsellor promised to guide them through it.

Later that evening, Hassanah's parents threw out their own parents' mistakes, the one that ignored their struggles as adolescents and instead chose to relearn new parenting techniques, that which validates and empowers Hassanahs’. They told her she wasn't abnormal for experiencing the emotions or getting the attention she was getting, they built her confidence in who she was and how she felt, they discussed sex and attraction in the most basic way they could as the counselor had advised them to, they told her about the importance of waiting and creating boundaries in her relationship with the opposite and most importantly, they didn't tear her down or use scare tactics unnecessarily, they promised to be there to listen and support her whenever she needed them.

This has ever since guided Hassanah's interaction with the opposite sex and also showed her how to manage the attention she got, with her parents by her side and her school counsellor availing her with he right information, she can't go wrong!

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