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Dealing With Post-graduation Depression

5 Tips To Help You Deal With Post Graduation Depression 1. Keep an open mind 2. Research 3. Seek Guidance 4. Maintain a healthy routine...
Dealing with Post-graduation depression

You’ve just graduated from University, the festivities are over, congratulatory messages are dwindling now, you’ve exhausted killer grad photos to post and now, reality is slowly setting in. Actually, reality hits you smack in the face as you suddenly realize that you have no idea what to do or where to go from here. The last few years, your one goal was to graduate from school and now that you’ve done that, it suddenly feels like you lack purpose and direction. It seems like in every conversation you have with people, it somehow always leads to them asking you the one question you can’t seem to answer, “so, what next?”

I mean, you know that securing a job is the next thing. But given all the stories you’ve heard about the job market, you’re already quaking in your boots at the thought of what’s ahead and when you do experience the struggle firsthand, you’re left worried and anxious about what the future holds. You have never been more lost in your whole life and all you want is for fate to take up human form and tell you what exactly to do in very concise steps. Seeing as that wouldn’t happen, you find yourself laying in bed, staring up at the ceiling and feeling depressed.

Amidst the struggle, here are a few pointers that would keep you going;

5 Tips To Help You Deal With Post Graduation Depression

Keep an open mind

There isn’t ever a single direction or path to success in life. You might not be securing a job currently because you aren’t keeping an open mind to various opportunities. Simply because you studied a particular thing in University doesn’t mean you have to secure a job in that particular field. Don’t be afraid to consider opportunities outside of your field and be creative. Granted, the most popular jobs in your field are the cliché 9-5 ones but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative and seek opportunities that don’t follow that path. Life is full of endless possibilities, don’t miss out on them by simply following the status quo.


Directions to your future wouldn’t walk up to you on your bed. You have to do research, make use of the versatility of technology. Look up areas that fit whatever skills you possess. If there’s an opportunity that you are interested in that requires a particular skill set that you don’t have, look up ways to gain those skills. Don’t be afraid or lazy to hit the books again if need be. I’d add to the quote, “opportunity comes but once” by saying opportunities don’t come knocking on your door either. Sometimes you have to seek those opportunities out and a pretty solid way to do that is research.

Seek guidance

While research is great, it can’t take the place of hands-on guidance. Seek out people who have made strides in whatever field you have chosen. Don’t be afraid of hearing them say no to you. If one doesn’t work out, don’t hesitate to approach someone else. You really can’t exhaust the list of successful people available so keep trying. Having someone with experience guiding you will save you a lot of time, stress and mistakes. They’ve been where you currently are and they have experience with the path ahead of you. They’d guide you away from potholes and ditches on the path.

Maintain a healthy routine

Even as you’re trying to find your path, it’s important for you to keep a routine, a healthy one preferably. The days can sometimes seem like one long, unending day when you don’t have a routine in place. Get out of your house, exercise, read a book, pick up a hobby, learn a new skill or take a walk. However you decide to fill up your daily routine, ensure you do something every day that you genuinely enjoy and that helps you destress.

Trust the process and be patient

As cliché as this might sound, Rome wasn’t built in a day. With the scarcity of available jobs in our country, there’s a likelihood that you won't find your dream job within a week or month of your job search. As frustrating and exhausting as the search might be, just trust the process. Don’t let the negative replies you might get overwhelm you, keep up an upbeat spirit as much as possible. People have gone ahead of you and made great strides but it didn’t happen in a single day for them. So be patient.

Regardless of how it seems, the universe isn’t against you. You’re writing a very beautiful success story so relax, you’ve got this!

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