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Ways to Deal With a Betting/Gambling Problem

Urgent 2k! Urgent 2k! That’s the latest slang on our lips and it’s meant to mean money that is sought for and that is always needed “urgently”. Although the amount might not always be 2k (two thousand naira), it is more popularly so. While it’s understandable that fingers aren’t equal and the occasional “bros abeg do me 2k transfer, I need am urgently” or “babe, please help me send 2k quickly to lagbaja’s account, my bank app is down” may come up, how exactly is this urgent 2k” spent?

Is that urgent 2k for Betting/gambling?

At the first sight of money, are you quick to fund your betting account to place a bet on the scores for the next match between Manchester United and Liverpool whilst major bills are yet to be sorted? If you think about it, money is such a flimsy thing. A lot of us would stop at nothing to get it and get a lot of it. Sometimes, we make the poor decision to try to do this through gambling.

The truth is gambling problems can happen to even the best people. What used to be a harmless pastime or even a “get rich quick” scheme turns into an incredibly unhealthy obsession and a dangerous recurring behavior. Regardless of what form gambling presents itself, it can lead to consequences that eventually put a strain on your life; from physical & mental well-being to keeping up with work to affectation of significant relationships and all-round financial wahala.

If you feel the need to be secretive about gambling, gamble even when you know you cannot afford to or have trouble controlling urges to gamble, odds are you probably have a gambling problem; the unfortunate part is kicking a gambling problem by yourself is usually met by returning to gambling again & again!

However, like most addictions, the first step to getting over a gambling addiction is realizing that you have a problem. It honestly takes a great deal of courage to admit to yourself and even friends and family that you are struggling with something and you need help. If you find yourself in such a situation, remember that many have walked this same path and have been able to break away.

After admitting the problem to yourself, here are a few tips you can also work with to get better;

Tips to deal with gambling(betting)

Find healthier ways to relax and unwind:

There’s an exhilaration that comes from staking and the risk attached to it, this is fueled by uncontrollable impulses, and in no time becomes an addiction. Gambling can also be done out of boredom or for lack of something more exciting to do or simply to relieve stress and pent up emotions. How about you try to take up new hobbies, exercise or simply spend time with friends instead?

Avoid temptation:

While trying to stay away from gambling, it is important for you to avoid people, places and activities that are in any way linked to gambling to avoid setbacks. If watching sports tempts you to bet, avoid watching it altogether. All the betting apps on your phone must be deleted and betting websites boycotted. If a baba ijebu kiosk is along a route to your house, consider taking another route.It might seem like extra stress but remember that temptation sneaks up on you and it’s not easy to resist.

Remember the consequences:

All forms of addiction come with a lot of consequences. Gambling puts a strain on relationships, friendships and finances. Try as much as possible to remember the hurt and disappointment that you might have caused your loved ones. No need to wallow in regret, this is simply a gentle reminder. It might be painful but it is needed on occasion.

Rely on a support system:

Life itself is already hard enough, not to mention when you’re struggling with an addiction. This is the time to rely on friends and family for support. You might wonder how exactly this helps but having someone simply checking in on you makes you more cautious about letting the addiction rule you and it also gives you a sense of accountability.

Get professional help:

Yes, dealing with a gambling addiction requires you to seek the help of a professional who is knowledgeable enough to guide you and help you wade the waters. Your chances of successfully kicking this is dependent on the quality of support you receive. We would love to do this for you at the hub.

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