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4 Ways to Cope with Depression and Suicidal Thoughts

Did you know that if you don’t professionally manage your depression, it can easily develop into suicidal thoughts? Suicide is maybe one or two thoughts away from a depressed mind and just before you say “thank God I’m not thinking about committing suicide”, you should know that making plans to take your own life is not the only form of suicide ideation. Wishing you were dead or that you could die is a pretty common way suicidal thoughts arise in the mind.

Before moving on to ways you can cope with these suicidal thoughts (and prevent them from becoming actions) and overall depression, you should know that you're not alone. Life is tough. Life is really tough. It deals out curve balls that the best of us can't even catch. But amidst all of that, you must remember that there is hope. You've probably heard that a million and one times now. And with how hopeless you think your situation is, it's difficult to believe that there is really hope. But there is.

While holding on to that hope, here a couple of ways you can cope with depression and suicidal thoughts

Get Active

Whether it's exercise or picking up a new hobby, find something to do that takes your mind off things. Think of it like finding a happy place.

Eat Healthy

When suffering from depression, food may be the last thing on your mind but it is important to always remember to eat healthy meals regularly.

Talk to someone

You might have probably seen this one coming. Bottling it in is the worst thing you can do. Confide in your family or friends that you trust.


As depression is a mental health condition, talking with a mental health specialist or psychiatrist may be the most important step to healing. We at Empathy Space offer these services and can aid you in your journey.

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